QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services


In this technological era, businesses prefer to manage their financial tasks remotely without worrying about visiting the office daily. Considering this, QuickBooks Cloud hosting services help users manage their work even while traveling with a stable internet connection.

Moreover, it places all the information on the cloud so authorized users can use it and carry on with their financial tasks. Go through this entire write-up and you will learn more about the benefits of cloud hosting services and how our hosting services help enhance your company’s growth.

Everything You Must Know About QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Cloud hosting is also known as hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks hosting. It is a cloud-based service that lets QuickBooks users work from anywhere globally. Moreover, cloud hosting providers allow authorized PC users to utilize their accounting software remotely with a good internet connection.

Know More About the Working Mechanism of QuickBooks Hosting

In the past, users had to spend more time to access the same company data as one user can access at a time. But now, with the upcoming QuickBooks hosting, more than one user can get access to the same data file. Thus, it helps in saving time and the users can easily work on the same report simultaneously at the same time.

Apart from this, the users can access the same file using different devices with a stable internet connection and a reliable license from the cloud provider. Once you have purchased the subscription to the cloud provider, the provider will host your QuickBooks data in the cloud. Thus, it helps the users access the data anywhere and anytime.

Advantages of Accessing the Secure Cloud-Based QuickBooks Hosting

There are numerous benefits that the users can avail of using this secure cloud-based QuickBooks hosting. We have discussed some of them below; go through them.

1. Get the Enhanced and Up-to-Date Security Features:-

Losing the crucial company’s data is no less than a nightmare for any successful business. Considering this, companies can keep their data safe with the latest and robust security features offered by QuickBooks cloud hosting. The data stored on the cloud server can only be utilized by authorized ones to safeguard it from unwanted online threats.

2. Multi-User Access Facility:-

Another benefit of accessing the QuickBooks cloud hosting services is that it helps businesses collaborate with their team smoothly. Using this cloud service, multiple users can work on the same project at the same time remotely. Thus, it helps businesses make crucial business decisions quickly and improves the company’s overall efficiency.

3. Reduce the Burden of Creating Backups:-

Slight damage or corruption in the accounting data can cause a major loss to the business. So, to keep the data secure from getting into the wrong hands or affected by natural calamity, creating data backup is essential. With the help of QuickBooks cloud hosting, businesses can access the data placed on a cloud server without scheduling data backups manually.

4. Easy to Setup and Use:-

The procedure to set up and use the QuickBooks cloud services is very simple and user-friendly. Now, businesses won’t have to hire experts, especially for using cloud services, as it can be done manually. All you need to do is choose the suitable cloud hosting service for your business according to your budget. Then, sign up for the account and access the cloud hosting services seamlessly.

Things You Must Consider Before Picking the Best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Providers

Didn’t know how to grab the best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting providers? Worry Not!! Here, we have discussed all the key factors you must remember to avail yourself of your company’s best cloud hosting provider.

1. Verify Data Security:-

As we all know, the importance of data safety, especially regarding your company’s financial data. The main target of the hackers is the financial data, as it might make a huge profit for them. So, the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting provider you opt for must use the latest security features.

However, if there is any compromise with the data security, it would take little time to get your company data into the wrong hands. With the best security features, you can save the money you must spend in court in case of a data breach.

2. Ensures there are No Server Downtime Issues:-

The users might face difficulty accessing the QuickBooks file stored on the cloud when the QuickBooks cloud hosting server is down. So, to resolve such an issue, you must require that the server can be accessed at any time and from anywhere without receiving any server issues. However, if you acquire the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services from a well-established hosting provider, they will assure you with 99.99% of the high server uptime.

In short, you must go for the QuickBooks cloud hosting provider with high server uptime. Also, you must verify that the hosting provider must utilize the topmost strategies to overcome the server downtime issues.

3. Unmatched Customer Support Facility:-

Technical issues are very uncertain, and they can pop up anytime without giving any prior notification. So, getting a seamless and 24*7 customer support facility that can assist you at the correct time is essential. Therefore, you must check out that the QuickBooks cloud hosting provider you picked offers you unmatched customer support services.

4. Check that You Get a Free Trial for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:-

The users might require a trial period before purchasing any software to ensure it suits their requirements. Similarly, you must verify that the QuickBooks cloud hosting provider you picked offers you a free trial period. Thus, it ensures you investigate the services properly, and if you are convinced with them, you can continue working with them.

5. Compare the Pricing Plans:-

You will notice that several cloud hosting providers give top-notch hosting services. However, it is very important to see whether it is worth it for what you are paying for. It is advised that you request the cloud service provider to get their complete pricing list so that you can spot if there are any hidden charges.

Afterwards, you can match the cost estimation with other cloud hosting providers to get the best one for your business. With this, you will get a clear insight into the different pricing of the QuickBooks cloud hosting providers, which will help you make the right decision.

6. Intuit Certified Cloud Hosting Services:-

Getting the services from Intuit-certified cloud hosting services is beneficial for the users. This is so because they know it very well regarding the software updates and upgrades. Also, they will provide you with all-time data security and safeguard it from any unauthorized access.

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Why is it Beneficial to Choose Our QuickBooks Hosting Providers?

Are you in a dilemma about what to do when you get stuck while using the cloud hosting services in QuickBooks? If yes, then you mustn’t worry anymore. Our QuickBooks Hosting providers have complete knowledge of this industry, and they will guide you in the best possible manner. However, read the pointers below for more about the benefits of choosing our QuickBooks hosting providers for your business.

1. Round the Clock Support Service:-

Are you afraid of getting issues while working on QuickBooks Cloud services? Worry Not!! Our professionals are available round the clock to assist you with the proper tips so you can run the hosting service hassle-free. No matter how complex the issue is, you will resolve all your issues within one go.

2. Unmatched Pricing Plans:-

The main benefit of choosing us is that we offer you the best QuickBooks cloud hosting pricing plan. You don’t have to pay any additional charges, and we will ensure to offer you a budget-friendly pricing plan than others. Thus, it helps in saving your money that you can invest in improving the company’s overall financial growth.

3. Best-In-Class Disaster Recovery System:-

Choosing us as your QuickBooks Cloud hosting service provider is beneficial as we offer an unmatched disaster recovery system. As the users data is placed in multiple servers at different locations to recover your data easily. Considering this, our professionals have taken the proper security measures that help keep the data safe in case of natural calamity.

4. Knowledgeable Professional Experts:-

Our QuickBooks cloud hosting providers have over 25 years of experience hosting QuickBooks on the cloud. With years of experience, our professionals are capable enough to solve even the unrecoverable cloud hosting errors within no time. In short, no matter how complex the issue is, you will get all the answers to your queries within the shortest time possible.

5. Reliable Data Security Platform:-

Now, the days are gone when you have to worry about the data shared over the cloud server in QuickBooks. We assure you that whatever the data is shared with us, our professionals will give you a 100% guarantee to keep it safe from unauthorized access. However, we only give restricted people access to data to provide you with outstanding cloud hosting services.

6. One-Stop Solution For All Cloud Hosting Queries:-

The main advantage of picking us as your QuickBooks Cloud hosting service provider is that you will get assistance with all the cloud hosting issues under one roof. You don’t have to browse other websites to get help setting up cloud hosting services and the issues you face while using them. So, stop thinking much and opt for your cloud hosting providers without thinking twice. Thus, it helps enhance your overall experience of using QuickBooks cloud hosting services hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. To shift the QuickBooks application to the cloud, it is essential to pick a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider and then continue the migration process.

Ans. Using the QuickBooks hosting services, you can access your company data file anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you can also safeguard your data and give access to only those working on the same project.

Ans. Having a valid QuickBooks license is essential before picking the hosting service. For instance, if you don’t have one, you need to buy a QuickBooks subscription from the official website of Intuit.

Ans. Below, we have discussed some security tips for Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Ensure you have chosen a competent and reliable cloud hosting provider using the latest security standards.
  • Use a strong and unique password to secure your data from unauthorized access.
  • To grab the extra layer of protection, you must use multi-layer authentication.

Ans. The QuickBooks Cloud hosting is safer than the QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions. This is so because, in case of any natural calamity or disaster, all your data will be backed up to the cloud. Thus, choosing the best cloud hosting provider will safeguard you from cyber threats.