Is QuickBooks Font Size Too Small? Use These Easy Tricks To Fix It

While preparing the financial reports, the users might make certain mistakes because of using small font sizes. Likewise, using the small font size in QuickBooks might create problems while generating reports. So, the font size in QuickBooks must be larger to understand the data easily. Otherwise, it might result in QuickBooks font size too small issue, which might create blunders in the reports. 

However, if you are also dealing with the same issue and want to change font size in QuickBooks, continue reading this post. Thus, it would help you properly prepare your reports without any further discrepancies. 

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Reasons Why Users Might Experience QuickBooks Desktop Font Size Too Small Issue 

In this blog’s section, we have described the root causes that might be responsible for the QuickBooks Desktop font size too small issue. 

  1. Sometimes, it may happen when you have installed the new higher-resolution monitor. 
  2. You may have recently made some changes in the DPI settings. 
  3. Another reason could be improper settings of the Windows display.
  4. In other instances, this issue may arise while using the unsupported version of the QuickBooks Desktop. 

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How To Change Font Size in QuickBooks Desktop Using These Simple Steps 

If you are also dealing with the font size issue in QuickBooks, you no longer have to worry. So, you must perform the steps given below to change font size in QuickBooks Desktop. 

Stage 1: Steps to Set the Font Size to Normal In QuickBooks 

Use the procedure below to set the font size to normal in QuickBooks. 

  1. In the first place, shut down the QuickBooks application and then proceed further.
  2. After this, browse to the My Computer section and then browse to C: drive.
  3. In the next step, double-tap on the Program Data folder and include the QuickBooks 20XX (according to QB version you are using) beneath the Intuit folder. 
  4. Thereon, you must choose the QBW.INI file and then launch it on your device. 
  5. Now, beneath the [FONTS] section, hit the Enter key and include the following commands:
    • FontName=Arial (or any font of your choice)
    • FontSize=12.5 (or any size of your choice)
  6. End the procedure by shutting down the file and then opening the QuickBooks application to view the changes in the font size. 

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Stage 2:  Procedure to View the Font Size Bigger in QuickBooks 

There are many instances when the users find the QuickBooks icon to appear too small on the computer screen. Therefore, you need to make certain changes in the DPI to increase font size in QuickBooks Desktop. For that, you must apply the instructions outlined below. 

  1. To begin the process, press the Windows key on your keyboard and navigate to the Control Panel
  2. After this, select the Display option, and it will show you three different display options: 100% (default), 125%, and 150%. 
  3. Apart from this, the users can also view these settings within the QuickBooks application. For that, use the steps illustrated below.
    • Firstly, launch the QuickBooks application and browse to the Edit section. 
    • Following this, choose Preferences, followed by the Desktop View option from the left.
    • Thereon, navigate to the My Preferences option and then opt for Display to check the settings.  

If you are still struggling with the issues related to font size QuickBooks desktop, you can use the following troubleshooting methods to adjust the display settings. 

Way 1: Modify The QuickBooks DPI Settings

  1. Initially, look for the QuickBooks icon and right-click on it to pick the Properties option. 
  2. Thereon, browse to the Compatibility tab and verify that you have chosen the Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. 
  3. After this, hit the Apply button followed by OK to proceed further.
  4. You are supposed to launch the QuickBooks application once again and test whether the Windows is visible or not. 

Way 2: Make Certain Changes to the Desktop View Preferences

To modify the Desktop View preferences, you need to follow the steps instructed below.

  1. Begin the process by launching the QuickBooks company file on your device. 
  2. Afterwards, go to the Edit menu and opt for Preferences to make the necessary changes. 
  3. Following this, choose the Desktop View option and then My Preferences
  4. You are supposed to shift View from Multiple Windows to One window

Way 3: Alter Your Screen Size 

  1. Initially, you are supposed to click and drag the QuickBooks window until you notice that the upper corner of the window meets the upper-left corner.
  2. Thereon, you must drag the QuickBooks to the lower-right corner of the QB window to adjust the screen size. 
  3. Afterwards, double-tap on the QuickBooks title bar to increase the window. You may also tap on the square icon on the left of the X button. 

Way 4: Changing the Screen Resolution 

  1. Primarily, hit the Windows + M keys together to minimize all the Windows open and view the desktop.
  2. After this, you must right-click on the empty space of your desktop and opt for Screen Resolution
  3. In the next step, tap the Resolution drop-down menu and proceed further.
  4. Following this, click and drag the Resolution slider to pick the new resolution. If you pick the value closer to “high,” it will increase the screen resolution. Conversely, switching to a value closer to “Low” will minimize the screen resolution. 
  5. Once done, tap anywhere outside the slider box to shut down the Resolution settings. 
  6. At last, hit the OK button and then go for the Keep Changes option to establish a new resolution

Stage 3: Go through the Instructions when the QuickBooks font size is too small to read on the printed sales forms.

  1. Primarily, launch the QuickBooks application and tap the Gear icon from the left corner.
  2. After this, navigate to the Custom Form Styles and pick a form style.
  3. Thereon, choose the Edit option and then pick the Design option. 
  4. You are supposed to tap the Select a different font and then pick between the three different font size option.
  5. In the next step, hit the Preview or Print option to pick the font size.
  6. End the procedure by hitting the Done option. 

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How do you change font size in QuickBooks Online using simple steps?

If you are also struggling with the small font size in QuickBooks, then you can apply the steps below to change font size in QuickBooks Online. 

For the Google Chrome Users 

  • Start the process, by tapping the menu icon represented by three dotted lines. 
  • Afterwards, choose the Settings option and then navigate to the Appearance section. 
Go to the Appearance section in Settings option
  • Thereon, opt for the Font Size drop-down menu and tap the Small option.
  • Now, the users must hit the Page Zoon drop-down menu and select one number that is lower than 100%. 
  • After completing the process, you must refresh the page and open the QuickBooks Online account

For the Firefox Users

  • Initially, tap the Hamburger icon and opt for the Settings option. 
  • After this, the users must click the drop-down arrow next to the Size option and then update it. 
  • You need to refresh the page and then verify the size of your QuickBooks Online account. 

To Summarize The Above!!

With the help of this post, you can now easily overcome the QuickBooks Font Size too small issue. If you still face difficulty with the font size, contact our professionals at +1-833-460-2030 for a quick resolution. They will assist you with the most effective ways to solve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

To reduce the font size in QuickBooks Desktop, use the steps below. 

  1. Firstly, move to the menu icon, represented by three horizontal dots
  2. After this, choose the Settings option and go to the “Appearance” section.
  3. Choose the “Small” option from the drop-down menu, and from the “Page Zoom” drop-down menu, click a value below 100%. 
  4. Refresh the page after making the desired changes to apply the new settings. 

Yes, you can change the font size of the QuickBooks reports using the following process.

  1. Primarily, access the “Change Font For” column and pick the desired location.
  2. After this, pick the “Change Font” option and set the Font, Font Style, Size, Effect, and color according to your preference.
  3. At last, hit OK to save the changes made successfully. 

If the resolution methods explained in this post couldn’t find you the right way to resolve the QuickBooks font size too small issue, then connect with our professionals through live chat for quick resolution. 

Yes, the users can also prevent the QuickBooks font size issue by installing the latest updates of the QuickBooks application.

The font style that QuickBooks uses is Avenair Next, which is a combination of timeless elegance and modern style.


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