Rectify QuickBooks Payroll Error PS032 Using These Fruitful Solutions

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS032

When it comes to trustworthy payroll software that can manage all your tasks, from creating paychecks to processing the employee’s payroll, QuickBooks is one of the top-leading software. But, in certain scenarios, users might confront QuickBooks Payroll Error PS032 while getting the latest payroll update. This error is mainly triggered using an expired or invalid QuickBooks payroll subscription. 

As a result, the QuickBooks Error PS032 prevents the users from accurately calculating the payroll and may hamper the workflow. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out the issue quickly using the best resolution methods explained in the post. 

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What Do You Mean By QuickBooks Error PS032? 

The QuickBooks Error PS032 belongs to the PSxxx series of errors associated with the payroll update error. This error is mainly triggered when there is improper registration of the QuickBooks software, or you have added the wrong billing details. On the occurrence of the error, the users might get the error message on the screen stating: 

“[PS032] QuickBooks cannot read your payroll setup files. Note the message number at the beginning of this message and click Help for troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem”. 

Error PS032 error message

Other factors that may trigger QuickBooks Error PS032 are issues related to internet connection or damage in the payroll tax table file. However, it is important to fix the payroll update error in QuickBooks so that you can install the latest payroll updates to process the payroll accurately per the latest payroll tax table

What are the Factors Responsible For QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS032?

The users might come across QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS032 for many reasons. So, to give you a clear picture of all those causes, we have discussed a few below. Check out all the reasons and find what’s causing you trouble while updating the payroll. 

  1. Damage in the QuickBooks Registration file is one of the reasons that may arise QuickBooks Error Code PS032. 
  2. Another reason may be damage to the CPS folder. 
  3. There might be the possibility that you haven’t registered your QuickBooks software. 
  4. You have added the wrong user details when subscribing to the payroll services. 

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Tips You Must Know Before Fixation Of PS032 Error in QuickBooks Desktop

One must remember certain important points to resolve the PS032 Error in QuickBooks Desktop easily. 

  1. Confirm that you are using the valid QuickBooks Payroll subscription. 
  2. Also, you must ensure you have updated all your Billing details regarding your payroll account in QuickBooks. 
  3. Don’t forget to generate a backup of your QuickBooks data file to keep your sensitive business data safe from unauthorized access. 

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Learn How to Fix Error PS032: QuickBooks Cannot Update Your Payroll Tax Table.

Once you know the possible causes behind the Error PS032 QuickBooks, you can easily fix the error using the solutions listed below. So, look at all the troubleshooting methods listed below to resolve the issue effortlessly. 

Resolution Way 1: Edit the Name of the CPS Folder 

Sometimes, the users might result in QuickBooks Error PS032 due to damage in the CPS folder. So, to repair the damage in the folder, you must repair it using the steps below. 

Rename the CPS Folder
  1. Begin by opening the Windows File Explorer using the Windows + E keys together. 
  2. After that, tap on the “This PC” option and click Local Disk C
  3. You are supposed to run Program Files (x86) and then the Intuit folder. 
  4. Thereafter, the users have to access the QuickBooks desktop folder that matches that tallies with the version you are currently using. 
  5. Afterwards, hit the Components button and then opt for the Payroll Folder. 
  6. Furthermore, right-click on the CPS folder and hit the Rename option. Later on, you must add a new folder name according to your preference, which is distinct from the previous one. Then, you are supposed to hit the Enter key to save the name successfully. 
  7. Finally, turn off the User Account Control settings by picking the Never Notify option. 
  8. Once you finish the process, you must try to get the latest QuickBooks payroll again by relaunching the software. 

Resolution Way 2: Look At Your Payroll Service Subscription 

Another way to resolve the QuickBooks PS032 Error is by validating your QuickBooks Payroll subscription. For that, you must utilize the steps outlined below. 

  1. In the first place, launch the QuickBooks application and then navigate to Employees
  2. After this, you must pick the My Payroll Serviced option from the list of options. 
  3. In the next step, hover your cursor over the Manage Service Key and check the Service Name and status. 
  4. Also, the users must verify that the status is denoted as Active. 
  5. Thereon, tap on the Edit option to look for the Service Key Number
  6. Afterwards, include the Service Key Number accurately in the respective text field. 
  7. Furthermore, hit the Next button and ensure you have unmarked the Open Payroll Setup checkbox. 
  8. At last, hit the Finish option to see the complete payroll update. 

Resolution Way 3: Try Activating and Installing the Latest QuickBooks Desktop Update 

Even after using the above methods, QuickBooks Payroll not updating, then use the instructions below to activate and update the QuickBooks Desktop. 

  • Primarily, launch the QuickBooks Desktop application and hit the F2 key from the keyboard to bring the Product Information window
  • Thereafter, check that you see the message Activated beside the License Number. If you don’t see the message Activated, perform the below steps.
    1. Move to the QuickBooks Help menu and tap the Activate QuickBooks Desktop option. 
    2. After this, verify the details for the application registration using the instructions given on the screen.
    3. Shut down the QuickBooks application to relaunch your desktop.
    4. Press the Windows key and then write QuickBooks to open on your device.
    5. Right-click on the QB icon and pick the Run as Administrator option.
    6. As a result, it will redirect you to the No Company Open window.
  • Later on, go to the Help menu and opt for Update QuickBooks Desktop.
Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Thereon, hit the Options button and tap on Mark All, followed by the Save button.
  • In the next step, proceed to the Update Now option and verify that you have selected the Reset Updates checkbox. 
tap on Update Now Option When Updating QuickBooks
  • Conclude the entire process by hitting the Get Updates button. 

To Put It All Together!!

Hopefully, we assure that the above-listed resolution methods will help you tackle QuickBooks Payroll Error PS032. If you still have any expert opinion regarding this issue, you can get help from our professionals via the live chat facility. They will look into the matter deeply and offer useful tips to eradicate the error instantly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following signs and symptoms will help you identify QuickBooks Error PS032. 

  1. The users might observe a sudden freeze or crash in QuickBooks while processing the employee’s payroll.
  2. Also, you may face difficulty in creating paychecks, which might lead to delays in paying employees’ payroll.
  3. Moreover, you might also receive an error message in other cases, as the post above explains. 

You must use the following resolution methods to resolve the common payroll update errors: PS032, PS077, PS034, and PS038. 

  1. Validate your current QuickBooks Payroll Subscription
  2. You must rename the QuickBooks CPS Folder. 
  3. Utilize the Quick Fix My Program Tool to Repair the Damage in the QuickBooks Program.
  4. Also, install the latest QuickBooks Update manually. 

Using the steps below, you can utilize the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility tool to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll PS032 Error. 

  1. Firstly, move to the QuickBooks File menu and then hit the Utilities option.
  2. After this, pick Verify data and wait for the application to complete the process. 
  3. However, if you receive the message “Your data has lost integrity, you need to rebuild your data“, go to the File menu again and hit Utilities > Rebuild data.
  4. Hit OK when you get the prompt to launch the data file, and then rebuild data will begin working in the background. 
  5. Thereon, hit the OK button when you get the “Rebuild has completed” option and run verify utility.

You can consult with our professionals, available round the clock, to get simple tips to rectify QuickBooks Error Code PS032.

Every time the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0332 occurs, the users fail to install the latest payroll updates. Consequently, it might interrupt the users from using the latest payroll feature, obstructing them from accurately calculating payroll taxes

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