Recurly QuickBooks Online Integration – A Complete Guide

Recurly QuickBooks Online Integration

Recurly QuickBooks Online integration syncs Recurly billing data with the QuickBooks Online application. Recurly and QuickBooks both are among the finest applications for the respective purposes they serve. Integrating these applications can help businesses handle their business accounting and subscriber management processes with the utmost efficiency.

If you are not sure how to integrate QuickBooks Online and Recurly app, this post can guide your way through the procedures involved. Moreover, you can get to know how to make the most out of the QuickBooks Online Recurly integration by reading this post until the end.

About Recurly

Recurly is a leading-edge subscription management software and recurring billing platform, and it is compatible with popular CRM, ERP, payment gateways, and other applications. It is best known for eliminating the complexities of automating subscription billing. The program facilitates the teams to handle and optimize their subscriber lifecycle, thereby improving customer retention.

QuickBooks Services

Accept credit card payments where you do business – in the back office, in your retail store, on your website, or on your mobile device.


Brands of all sizes rely on this platform to launch, manage, and scale multi-faceted aspects of their subscription business. The list includes creating plans and pricing, creating marketing promotions, managing subscribers, managing recurring bills, and reducing churns to accelerate growth.

Features Of Recurly

Some of the most impressive features of Recurly are explained in the below-given list:

  • You can streamline the plans, pricing, and promotions for your subscription business to handle your subscription business and entice your customers for better retention.
  • The program’s interface offers a complete view of subscribers and subscriptions and also offers multi-subscription assistance.
  • Payments Orchestration is an incredible feature in Recurly, which helps businesses access multiple payment gateways, alternative payment methods, subscriber wallets, and fraud management utilities.
  • The program enables you to handle your recurring billing and invoicing lifecycle, including automated and manual invoicing, taxes, compliances, and several others.
  • The Churn Management feature of the program offers revenue recovery tools to handle expired card management, backup payment methods, paused subscriptions, and more.
  • Revenue Recognition helps businesses to determine their month-end and deferred revenue balances. Moreover, you can calculate month-end and deferred revenue balances and move these figures into QuickBooks as journal entries.

About QuickBooks Application

QuickBooks is one of the most favored accounting applications among small to mid-sized businesses, thanks to its incredible accounting and bookkeeping features. It can help you handle your core accounting tasks, such as invoicing, inventory, cash flow management, reports, payroll, and several others. Besides, you can host your QuickBooks company file in a multi-user environment to enable access to multiple users to work on your data file at the same time.

QuickBooks is available in two main versions, which are the Desktop and Online version of the product. You can choose one to meet your specific business requirements. The Online version of the product is suitable for those who want to work flexibly. It allows users to handle their business accounting even on the go. You can access it anytime, anywhere, and that too on your preferred device with the help of an Internet connection.

QuickBooks Desktop, on the other hand, needs to be installed on your local system. However, it offers many powerful features to the users to handle their business accounting. Besides, QuickBooks Desktop offers different plans so that you can easily upscale or downscale as per your specific newly emerging business requirements.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Perform Recurly QuickBooks Online Integration

Now that you are ready to integrate QuickBooks Online with Recurly, below are some important considerations you need to keep in mind before you move ahead and start the task:

  • It does not support the Desktop version as some of its features may not work properly with QuickBooks Desktop. The integration works best with the Online version of the QuickBooks application. Besides, the US version of QuickBooks Online is best-suitable for the integration.
  • Recurly sites are either supported in Production mode or in Sandbox mode for the integration. However, for QuickBooks Online, you need to prefer the Production mode. If you want to test using the non-production mode, create a trial QuickBooks Online account and perform the integration.
  • Not all plans of Recurly offer integration with QuickBooks Online. Make sure that you have either a Professional or Elite Recurly plan.
  • You need to keep in mind that the definition of customers is different for the two integrating applications. Recurly customers can use multi-currencies. In contrast, QuickBooks Online users can have only one currency. Therefore, this integration doesn’t work efficiently with multi-currency websites.
  • One QuickBooks site can sync data from multiple Recurly sites; however, a single instance of QuickBooks can be linked to just one Recurly site.
  • Recurly do not move data into QuickBooks for Gift Cards. They will appear in Recurly as regular payment if you wish to use them.
  • The customer’s number feature in the QuickBooks application can be problematic sometimes when integrating the programs; therefore, better disable it at the time of the integration.

How Does QuickBooks Online Recurly Integration Work?

Does Recurly integrate with QuickBooks? Well, the answer is Yes! However, not all the versions of QuickBooks or Recurly can integrate together. For instance, Recurly integration with QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t work properly. Also, you need to make sure that only Premium and Elite versions of the Recurly application can be integrated with the supported versions of QuickBooks Online.

The integration offers a one-way sync to the Recurly data into the QuickBooks Online application. Records are synced and work together in chronological order, as given below:

  • Plans, setup costs, recurring items, fixed prices add-ons with QuickBooks Online items.
  • Recurring accounts with QuickBooks users.
  • Regular bills and bills in QuickBooks application.
  • Payments and refunds for QuickBooks Online recurring transactions.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Credit memos for recurring credits.

Recurly QuickBooks Online Integration’s Common Sync Behaviour

You need to enter a start date when integrating Recurly with QuickBooks Online. After that:

  • Records produced on that date or later will be synced with QuickBooks Online.
  • QuickBooks Online and Recurly data will sync once every hour.
  • Each hourly sync strives to include newly added or updated data since the previous sync.
  • This is a one-way sync, wherein, Recurly data is synced to the QuickBooks Online accounting tool.
  • When you modify the synced data in QuickBooks Online, it doesn’t sync back in the Recurly application.

Planning And Items Sync When You Connect Recurly With QuickBooks Online

Below is how plans and items are synced in QuickBooks Online:

  • Recurly Items are synchronized as items in QuickBooks, including plans, fixed-priced add-ons, and setup costs.
  • In QuickBooks Online, you can see these items as Services Items by default.
  • Once they are saved to QuickBooks, users can change their types.
  • You may utilize both the item categories and items hierarchy with the plan sync.
  • You need to enter a distinct name for each item in QuickBooks.
  • Regardless of the sync date you enter when setting up the integration, all products, plans, fixed-priced add-ons, and setup costs will be linked to your accounting application.
  • If an invoice has a usage-based add-on, the item will be connected to Usage in QuickBooks reporting.
  • To make this sync work properly, you need to make sure that the names of your Recurly plan, items, and add-ons must be unique and distinctive.

Eliminating Duplicate Plans Due To Sync

When integrating QuickBooks Online with Recurly, you may notice duplicate client records. In such a scenario, the Resolve Error button will show a list of duplicate QuickBooks items or plans. To resolve this issue, you can choose the “Link to Plan” option. It will make all invoices using the plan to use the relevant item in the QuickBooks Online application.

How Are Customers Synced?

Customers are synced from the customer record type in QuickBooks to the account record type in Recurly. Below is the list of the details that are synced during the Recurly QuickBooks Online integration:

  • Name Display including the First and Last Name
  • Corporate Name
  • Cellular Number
  • Email
  • Account Number
  • Notes
  • Regardless of the start date, all Recurly accounts will be synced

Merging Customers During Integration

QuickBooks enables users to merge accounts to avoid duplicate customer accounts. This feature can contribute to successful data integration. Therefore, it is recommended to run an audit of your customers in QuickBooks before you integrate Recurly with your accounting application. However, you can use the merge feature even after integrating QuickBooks with Recurly as well, while keeping the below-given considerations in your mind:

  • Merge manually produced customers into automatically created customers for a new account for the integration.
  • Before you merge the Recurly, if you have a lot of duplicate accounts in QuickBooks, you can contact an expert to get it fixed for you before synchronizing Recurly data into QuickBooks Online.

How Are Invoices Synced?

When you integrate the programs, QuickBooks invoices make account and item/plan references to the customers. Thereafter, Recurly syncs each invoice line item to QuickBooks. Below are the fields that are synced between the Recurly Invoice and QBO invoice record:

  • Customer reference
  • Billing address
  • Terms
  • Invoice and Due date
  • Details for each line item, such as products, quantities, descriptions, rates, etc.

Benefits Of Recurly QuickBooks Online Integration

QuickBooks and Recurly are the finest programs designed to serve their dedicated purposes. Integrating QuickBooks Online with the Recurly application can offer a multitude of benefits to customers. Some of the main benefits of this integration are stated in the below-given list:

1. Access To The Crucial Data To Extract Insightful Reports

Recurly is best known for streamlining your subscription business. In addition, it stores the crucial data a business might need to prepare for an audit, board presentation, or fundraising. Recurly offers crucial data related to revenue, income, cash flow, and several others. Importing this data using the Reculy interface after integrating the two programs can help you get an insight into the financial performance of your business and make more strategic decisions to achieve the desired success.

2. Automated Processes To Do More In Less Time

QuickBooks Online Recurly integration automatically integrates your customer’s data into QuickBooks, such as payments, invoices, refunds, credits, and various others. Thus, it eliminates the need for this process to be done manually. All you need to do is to check that they are in the right place and make minor adjustments.

Now only your time and efforts, but it also alleviates the scope for errors, which is possible in the case of manual data import. Furthermore, you can use your Reconcile feature in QuickBooks Online to reconcile your cash at the end of every month. Including your bank account in QuickBooks can help you check your cash balance by matching payments from Recurly with equivalent deposits in your financial institution.

3. Revenue Recognition Accomplishing Your Accounting Solution

The Revenue Recognition feature in Recurly automates and accomplishes your accounting processes. It enables users to determine their month-end and deferred revenue balances. Moreover, you can enter these figures as a journal entry in the QuickBooks Online application. Thereafter, you can calculate your cash and account receivables from within QuickBooks to complete your revenue accounting task.

4. Facilitates Financial Institutions With Simplified Workflow

Recurly is professional software that can help you handle your subscription business with enhanced efficiency and retain your customer base. It is super easy to use with a comprehensive interface of the QuickBooks Online application. Thus, you can empower your accounting application with Recurly QuickBooks Online integration and reap the benefits of the program to its fullest potential.

Ending Words!

In this post, we have tried to cover all the important aspects related to the Recurly QuickBooks Online integration process, such as the procedure, benefits, and important considerations you need to keep in mind during the integration. The best practices are described in this post so that you can integrate QuickBooks Online with Recurly and utilize this integration to work more efficiently. In case you are experiencing any difficulty or have any queries related to the procedures, feel free to connect with experienced professionals.

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Recurly QuickBooks Online Integration – A Complete Guide
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