An Illustrative Guide on How to View Employee W2 In QuickBooks Online 

How to View Employee W2 In QuickBooks Online 

The W-2 is an Internal Revenue Service form mainly prepared by the company to present the wages, salary, or compensation paid to the employees and their relatable taxes. Usually, this form is filed by the employers and deposited to the government. Before filing the W-2 form, it is mandatory to view employee W2 in QuickBooks Online so that any latest changes are made by the employee has been updated in QB as well.

Furthermore, go through this entire post thoroughly to get complete details regarding how to view employee W2 in QuickBooks Online.

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Here’s How to View Employee W-2 In QuickBooks Online Using These Simple Steps

Before filing the W-2 Form in QuickBooks Online, you must ensure that your employee’s W-2s are appropriate. Moreover, you also have the option to preview the W-2s before you file the form with the government and then send it to your employees. Just by having a look at the form before filing it will help you overcome any further issues.

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Stage No 1:  Utilize Your W-2 Form

You must pick any of the products below to preview your W-2s Form.

Steps For QuickBooks Online Payroll Edition

The employer’s can review their employee’s W-2s forms from December 2, 2022, till January 1, 2023.

  1. Begin the process by choosing the Taxes option and then hitting the Payroll Taxes.
  2. After this, move to the Filing option, followed by Resources, followed by W-2s form.
  3. Thereon, you must pick Manage W-2s on W-2 Copies B, C, & 2 (employee).
  4. Finally, you must choose the employees that you wish to preview and then hit the highlighted View and Print option.

Steps For QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted Edition

The employer’s can review the W-2s form of their employees from November 7 till December 15.

  1. To begin the process, choose the Employees option and then hit the Payroll Center.
  2. Now, move to the File Forms tab and navigate to the View/Print Forms & W-2s.
  3. Thereon, you must add your Payroll PIN within the required text field.
  4. Proceed further, by tapping on the Preview W-2 Information tab.
  5. Finally, head towards the Preview All Employee W-2s.

Stage 2: Verify Your W-2s Information

The employer’s are supposed to test the following information on their employee’s W-2s form for accuracy. Let’s have a glimpse at the pointers given below.

Business Details

  • Business name and address (Box c)
  • Your EIN (box b)
  • State account Numbers (Box 15)

Employee Details

  1. Address (Box f)
  2. Name (Box e)
  3. Social Security Number (Box a)
  4. Box 12 for employer-sponsored health insurance has amounts if required.
  5. Box 13 for retirement plan is checked if needed.
  6. Box 14 for fringe benefits has appropriate descriptions and amounts.

Wage and Tax Details

You must ensure that the year-to-date wages and tax amounts look appropriate. Moreover, you can tally these amounts with the Payroll Summary Or Payroll Details Report for the year. However, these are not the final amounts, as you also have to run other payrolls this year.

Stage 3:  Update the Details If Required

Steps to Edit or Change the Employee Details in Payroll

If your employee has changed their name, bank account, or address, including all such changes in the QuickBooks payroll account is mandatory. For that, you must carry on with the steps below.

Approach 1: Get the Latest Information

It is necessary to cross-check the changes that the employees have recently made. However, if required, you can also take some necessary documents from your employee regarding the changes. The documents can be either the updated W-4 or a direct deposit form.

Approach 2: Modify Your Employee Details

After successfully updating the details, you must modify the same in your payroll account.

For the QuickBooks Online Payroll Users

To edit the employee’s details, you must apply the instructions given-below.

Option 1: Upgrade Your Employee Details Via Employee Profile

  1. Initially, navigate to the Payroll option followed by Employee.
  2. After that, you must pick the name of your employee. However, if your employee’s name isn’t visible, change the filter on the employee list. Then, above the Employee list, click on the drop-down menu and hit the Active Employee, Inactive Employees, or All Employees.
  3. Thereon, you must hit the Start or Edit option from the section you wish to modify.
  4. At last, hit the Save button to restore the mandatory changes.

Option 2: Update An Employee While Running the Payroll

  1. To commence with, pick the employee’s name from the Run Payroll screen.
  2. After this, choose the Start or Edit option on that section that requires an update.
  3. Once all the necessary changes are made, tap on the Save button.
Approach 3: Complete the New State Setup Process when employee has shifted to another state

For instance, if your employee has shifted to another state, you have to set up and pay taxes in that state.

Steps to Modify Your Legal Business Details For Payroll

It is essential for every successful business to have appropriate business details in QuickBooks. This is so because this information reflects on your payroll tax forms.

For the QuickBooks Online Payroll Core

Non-Successor Entity Change
For instance, if your business has changed the EIN, you must set up a new payroll account in that scenario.

Successor Entity Change 
On the other hand, if the EIN doesn’t changes, but you are willing to alter your legal business name, you must consult Intuit.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium Elite

You first have to check whether the automatic tax payments and filings feature is turned on or off in your QuickBooks Payroll product. If you don’t have an idea, regarding it then verify your automatic tax payments and form filing status.

Situation 1: When the Automatic Tax Payments and Filings are Enabled

  1. Firstly, download, fill out, and then sign the Entity Change packet.
  2. Now, ensure you have prepared all the supporting documents mentioned in the packet.
  3. Thereon, you must email the completed packet with the supporting documents i.e, Entity
  4. Consequently, you will be notified through email within the next 3-5 banking days that they can got your entity package package as well as other supporting materials.

Situation 2: When the Automatic Tax Payment And Filing Are Disabled

Procedure to Update Your Company Legal Name

  1. Firstly, move to the Settings option and hit the Payroll Settings.
  2. Thereon, tap on the Edit option from the General tax.
  3. Now, you must update the Company legal name and then proceed further.
  4. Finally, hit the Save button and then opt for the Done option.

Procedure to Update Your Federal EIN

  1. In the beginning, you must hit the Settings option and then opt for Payroll Settings.
  2. Now, navigate to the Federal Tax column and choose the Edit option.
  3. Afterwards, you are supposed to update your Employee Identification Number (EIN).
  4. In the end, tap on the Save button followed by Done.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard, and Enhanced

Upgrade Your Company Legal Name 

  1. In the beginning, navigate to Company and then hit the My Company option.
  2. Thereon, choose the Edit option from the Legal Information.
  3. Next, you are supposed to add the new legal business name and hit the OK button. move to the Company Identification from the left menu.

Upgrade Your Federal EIN 

  1. Begin the process, by hitting the Company option followed by the Company option.
  2. Afterwards, from the Company Information column, you must opt for the Edit option.
  3. Now, navigate to the left menu and pick the Company Identification option.
  4. Thereon, within the Federal Employee Identification No field, add the new EIN and hit the OK option.

Stage 4: Report Health Insurance of Retirement Plans On  your W-2s (QuickBooks Online Payroll Only)

For instance, if you are willing to report employer-sponsored health insurance amounts in Box 12DD or 12FF, you can include these details in your W-2s forms. Moreover, if you wish to report the amount you have contributed to a retirement plan that you monitor outside of QuickBooks, you can add all such details to W-2s.

Furthermore, read the steps below to report retirement plan health insurance on W-2s forms.

  1. Firstly, you must move to the Taxes option and then click Payroll Taxes.
  2. After this, navigate to the Filing option, followed by Resources.
  3. Now, hit the W-2s option and choose Edit Box 12/13 on W-2 copies B, C, & 2 (employee) from the Employee W-2s.
  4. You are supposed to include the amount or mark the checkbox in the Box 13 column for every employee that you require.
  5. Once all the changes are made, hit the Submit option to accomplish the process.
Final Thoughts!!

Here we conclude this post and hope you can now easily view employee W2 in QuickBooks Online before filing it. However, if you are still struggling while reviewing the form, then you must consult with our professionals anytime through the live chat facility for quick assistance.

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