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5 Ways To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15103

Are you among those facing difficulty installing the payroll update and ending up with QuickBooks Error 15103? Damaged Windows files or a misconfigured internet connection mainly causes this issue. Did you ever get the proper way to come out of this problem? If not, in this write-up, you will obtain insightful knowledge about the causes, its signs, and the best ways to fix the issue.

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Error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop: A Quick Glimpse About the Issue.

We all know how crucial it is to get timely updates on accounting software. Similarly, installing the newly launched QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates is also necessary. But, sometimes, users end up with Error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop while performing the update task.

Whenever this glitch happens, users might get the following error message on their screen: “Error 15103: Unable to open the update program” or “Error 15103: Update program is damaged.”

As a result, this error prevents the users from accessing the extraordinary features and functions of the application. So, finding the appropriate solution to resolve the issue and resume the payroll tasks using this application is essential.

What Are the Key Factors Provoking QuickBooks Error Code 15103?

It’s better to know what triggered QuickBooks Error Code 15103 to resolve the issue efficiently. So, to better understand it, we have discussed some of the prominent causes below. Let’s begin exploring it.

  • Low or bad internet connection is one of the reasons responsible for the QuickBooks Error 15103.
  • There might be the possibility that the Windows operating system is obsolete and incompatible with the current QuickBooks version.
  • Another major reason behind the error is a damaged or corrupted Windows Registry.
  • In other instances, it may appear due to the wrong settings of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Damage or incorrect installation of the QuickBooks application might also hamper the update process.
  • Sometimes, the incorrect settings of the Firewall defender might obstruct the users from running the QuickBooks-related services, which might result in this error.

How can I Identify Error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop?

With the help of the following signs and symptoms, you can easily spot the arrival of Error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • On the occurrence of Error Code 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop, you might get the error message on your screen.
  • You might notice that the active Windows begins to crash or freeze.
  • Sometimes, you might observe the sudden freezing or hanging of your computer.
  • There might be the possibility that your updated software won’t open properly.

Important Points You Must Consider Before Fixing Error 15103 in QuickBooks

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting part, it is essential to consider these following tips that would help you resolve the error hassle-free.

  • Ensure that your system is associated with the proper internet access.
  • Moreover, you must verify that Internet Explorer is set as the default browser.
  • It’s better to schedule the backup of the crucial QuickBooks company data before it gets damaged or corrupted.
  • Always ensure that you are using the QuickBooks Desktop for the newly launched updates to avoid certain technical glitches.
  • Apart from this, the Windows operating system must also be updated.

What Should I Do to Wipe Out QuickBooks Update Error 15103 Instantly?

Getting QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15103, 15113, PS058, etc., while installing the payroll is common. But, users often get irritated when they can’t find the exact match to overcome the issue immediately. Considering this, we have listed some of the experts’ recommended solutions to tackle Error Code 15103 in QuickBooks.

First Fixation Method: Configuration of the Internet Explorer Settings

Inappropriate settings of the Internet Explorer is one of the major reasons that results in 15103 Error QuickBooks Desktop. To figure out the issue, it is necessary to correct the settings by performing the steps below.

  • Start the process by launching the updated version of Internet Explorer on your device.
  • Afterwards, move to the Gear icon and hit the Internet Options tab.
  • In the next step, navigate to the Security tab and click Trusted Sites, followed by the Site option.
  • Furthermore, you should accurately include the following websites in your web browser.
  1. *.quickbooks.com (US Version)
  2. *.intuit.com. (US Version)
  • On the other side, you must mention the following websites for the Canadian version of QuickBooks.
  1. *.quickbooks.ca
  2. *.intuit.ca.
  • Once you have mentioned all the information appropriately, click the Close button and proceed ahead.
  • Thereon, select the highlighted Apply button and then hit the OK tab.
  • End the process by verifying whether you are still experiencing QuickBooks Error 15103.

Second Fixation Method: Conduct the Installation of a Fresh Digital Signature Certificate

Installing and importing the new Digital Signature Certificate in QuickBooks will help you to rectify Error 15103 QuickBooks. For that, all you need to do is to implement the steps in the same way as described below.

  • Initially, hit the Windows key on your keyboard and look for the QBW32.exe, which is located in the “C: >> Program File >> Intuit >> QuickBooks.”
  • For instance, hit the More Results tab if you can’t find the QBW32.exe window from the Windows search. Then, click the Computer icon from the recommended window with the Next option.
  • Afterwards, navigate to the QBW32,exe file, and opt for the Properties tab.
  • Now, hover your cursor over the Digital Signature tab and choose “Intuit.inc” from the Signature list.
  • In the next step, go to the Details option and switch to the Digital Signature window to pick the View Certificate option.
  • Furthermore, choose the Install Certificate option in the Certificate window.
  • Following this, click the Tap button and then Next to look for the Finish option. Once you spot the Finish button, click on it to move further.
  • Thereon, you must relaunch your computer and start the QuickBooks application again.
  • End the process by verifying whether you can get the QuickBooks Payroll updates.

Third Fixation Method:- Try to Run the Reboot.bat Batch File

Go through the following procedure to run the reboot.bat batch file to rectify Error 15103 in QuickBooks.

  • To begin the process, ensure that you have closed the previously running QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • After this, right-click the QuickBooks icon and hit the highlighted Properties option.
  • In the next step, locate and navigate to your QuickBooks company file location. Once you spot the location, add “reboot/reboot.bat” in the search area at the top-right corner.
  • Thereon, pick the Run as Admin option by adding the Admin Credentials accurately and tap Yes.
  • Now, you are supposed to implement all the above changes and move further to Restart your computer.
  • Next, relaunch your QuickBooks application and hit the Agree button to install the required updates successfully.
  • If you fail to install the updates on your device without any intervention of QuickBooks Error 15103, it indicates your issue is resolved. Otherwise, carry on to the next fixation method for better results.

Fourth Fixation Method:- Correct the Settings of the Windows Firewall

The users often need help getting the latest QuickBooks payroll updates due to the misconfigured Windows Firewall settings. So, to correct these settings, you must carry on with the following steps.

  • Primarily, click on the Windows icon and type “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” in the search area.
  • After this, you must go to the Port Monitor tab to write down your Port Number in the account.
  • Thereon, you are supposed to include the Port Number in the Firewall Exceptions List. Then, find the QuickBooks version you are using and look for its port number.
  • Move further by clicking the Next button and choosing the “Allow Connection” option.
  • Furthermore, you must ensure that all your profiles are marked. Hit the Next tab, generate a new rule, and assign a new name, say, QBPorts(year). The year denotes the QuickBooks version you are accessing currently.
  • Once you have applied all the steps properly, tap the Finish button.

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Drawing to a Conclusion!!

QuickBooks Error 15103 might create problems while running the payroll and generate issues while running the business smoothly. So, overcoming this error on time using the resolution methods outlined above is better to obtain an error-free payroll experience. If you need any expert suggestions regarding this issue, without wasting any time, consult our experts via live chat or email support facility. Our professionals are ready to guide you and quickly assist you with simple solutions.

Commonly Asked Questions:-

Ques1: What would happen on the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 15103?

Ans. Whenever the users encounter QuickBooks Error 15103, they fail to install all the newly released security patches. Moreover, you won’t be able to use the new features and functions. Thus, it stops the users from continuing their ongoing payroll-related tasks error-free.

Ques 2: Can I fix Error Code 15103 in QuickBooks by reinstalling the QuickBooks?

Ans. You can overcome the Error Code 15103 in QuickBooks by reinstalling it using the clean install tool. For that, use the steps below.

  • Ensure you have removed the QuickBooks entirely using the Control Panel.
  • After this, you must download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and install it following the on-screen instructions appropriately.
  • Later on, give a new name to the QuickBooks installation folder.
  • Finally, install the QuickBooks Desktop again on your device.
Ques 3: What should I do when the above solutions haven’t fixed QuickBooks Update Error 15103?

Ans. Even after following the above methods, you still need to fix QuickBooks Update Error 15103; we suggest you contact our experts at @ +1-833-460-2030.

Ques 4: Can you reactivate the QuickBooks Payroll subscription online?

Ans. Yes, it is feasible to reactivate your QuickBooks Payroll subscription online. You must access your “Accounts/Billing Information” from the Employees menu in QuickBooks Desktop. Later on, you can renew your payroll subscription.

Ques 5: What is the purpose of payroll in QuickBooks?

Ans. The main objective of the QuickBooks payroll is to track the employee’s work time, set up payment schedules, and pay employees via direct deposit.