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Detailed Insights About QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Are you also the one who is struggling with network connectivity issues in QuickBooks and is unable to access the data file stored in the workplace? If yes, this is when QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool comes into play. With the help of this tool, you can easily tackle the complicated company file issues, network issues, or errors you may face while working in multi-user mode. 

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool  Setup

Moreover, by using the connection Diagnostic tool QuickBooks, you can save precious time dealing with complex QuickBooks errors. However, read this post thoroughly to obtain in-depth information on downloading, installing, and using this tool.

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Error Fix it now

Errors You Can Fix Via QuickBooks Network Connection Diagnostic Tool 

Do you need to learn about the facts regarding which errors you can fix using the QuickBooks Network Connection Diagnostic Tool? If yes, then we have described all those errors below. Check them out and get your issues resolved quickly using this tool. 

  1. You can tackle the multi-mode errors such as H101, H202, and H505
  2. The users can also resolve the QuickBooks 6000 series of errors associated with the company file, like 6150, 6000 82, 6000 31, 6147, and 6103
  3. Vendors and Customer lists in the QuickBooks application must go blank. 
  4. You can fix the issues if you find any missing entries in the Employees List. 
  5. Also, you can resolve the QuickBooks Errors such as QuickBooks Error 1722, 1311, 1603, 1723, and 1336
  6. Moreover, it also helps to deal with firewall port issues in Windows and fix the damage in the Windows Registry. 

Easy Way To Get the Latest QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Download

Herein, we have discussed some simple instructions that you must follow to get the most recent version of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool download

  1. Initially, you must reach the Intuit’s official website using your preferred web browser to download the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  2. After this, you must search for the file name QBInstall_Tool_vs.exe file
  3. Once you get the file, download it instantly on your preferred operating system. 
  4. In the meantime, you must ensure you are well-connected with a high-speed internet connection throughout the download process. Also, you mustn’t shut down the system until the installation is completed. 

Installation of the Previously Downloaded QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Once you have successfully downloaded the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool, use the steps listed below to install them to your device.

  • Before you begin the installation, confirm that you have yet to previously install any QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool version. 
  • For instance, if you find any version already available, use the Control Panel to uninstall it immediately. 
  • After this, access the downloaded section using your keyboard’s Ctrl + J keys. Look for the downloaded setup file and double-tap on it to open. 
  • Also, you must confirm that you have \closed all the processes interrupting in the background to avoid further discrepancies. 
  • There on, you must thoroughly read the License Agreement and agree to the terms mentioned for using the tool. Later on, hit the Next button to proceed further. 
license agreement of the software
  • Afterwards, act according to the instructions on the screen and keep tapping the Net button until the installation part is over. 
  • Once the installation ends, you must set up the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool by accessing the directory. 
  • Furthermore, you are supposed to include the Admin Password in the required text field accurately and then hit the OK button to move further. 
  • Finally, you must pick any of the following options between Host System or Workstation according to your preference. Later on, you can use this tool to eradicate all the issues smoothly. 

Essential Points You Must Consider Before Running the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. 

Before you continue using the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool, you must keep the following things in mind. 

  • The users must ensure their system is well-linked with a high-speed internet connection. 
  • Don’t skip to take the backup of the QuickBooks company file to an external device like a USB or a Flash drive
  • Also, you must ensure you have installed the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop on your device. 
  • The QB Connection Diagnostic Tool only operates well with the new versions of the QuickBooks 2008 on Windows 7, XP, and Vista. 
  • Also, you may generate a local backup using the QuickBooks application by choosing the File menu > Company File > Create Local Backup
  • You must install the latest version of the Microsoft components and C++ Framework on your device. 
  • Moreover, the users can also prevent the consequences of damaged company files by preparing a duplicate copy of the QuickBooks file on their device. 

What are the Steps to Setup Connection Diagnostic Tool in QuickBooks?

Go through the procedure described below to set up the Connection Diagnostic Tool in QuickBooks hassle-free. 

  1. To start the procedure, tap on the QuickBooks icon from your desktop and then hit the Utilities option.
  2. Afterwards, choose the Repair File option followed by the Network Problems. 
  3. Thereon, hit the Yes button to permit collecting personal information regarding QuickBooks and its data. 
  4. Furthermore, you must browse the folder with your data file and launch the affected file. 
  5. Next, choose the highlighted Show Advanced Options, and it will present a list of items in a drop-down that will be displayed on the screen. 
  6. You should select the issue you are facing and add the valid QB login ID and password into the respective text field. 
  7. The user is supposed to wait until the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool diagnoses the issue and fixes the issue in the company file.
  8. In the end, once your file is repaired, re-open it and continue with your work. 

What Should I Do To Use The QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool? 

You can use the steps below to use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool easily. 

Stage 1: Verify The Connection Tab 

Using this tab, you can verify the system setup and confirm that you can run the company file in any other system in single-user and multi-user modes. Usually, the users might encounter errors when the users don’t have enough permissions, or the ports or system firewall is blocked.

Stage 2: Test Connectivity:- 

With the help of this tab, the users can scan and check your system’s connectivity. 

Stage 3: Do the Investigation of Your Firewall’s Status:- 

The Firewall Status tab will provide you with the basic instructions regarding the system firewall.

What Should Be Done to Verify the Computer’s Connectivity?

The users can easily test the computer’s connectivity with the help of the following steps.

  1. Initially, you must look for the QuickBooks data file by tapping its icon beside the Company File field. 
  2. You must utilize the Linux System when the network is available in the Alternate mode. Apart from this, ensure you have marked the Change Hosting Server checkbox. 
  3. After that, before you check the connectivity, confirm the status is “Not Applicable.” 
  4. Once you run the test, you must confirm that the status must be displayed in Green. This status states that no threats are detected; on the other end, the red symbol indicates a threat in your device. 
  5. Later on, hit the highlighted test Connectivity option. 
  6. Subsequently, if you notice that the connectivity is shown in Red, it signifies that your test has failed. Moreover, you will see that the Advanced Section will represent all the places that are checked. 
  7. You must choose the highlighted “What do these mean?” tab to gather more details. 
  8. Once your issue is resolved properly, it is important to run the Diagnostic tool to spot whether there are any other issues. 
  9. The QB Connection Diagnostic Tool might take some time to wind up and fix the issues. However, the time taken to repair the issue entirely depends upon the internet’s speed and the company’s file size. 

Final Thoughts!!

We hope that now it has become more convenient to deal with the errors related to the company file, network connectivity, or multi-mode errors; you can fix them via the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. However, if you still have doubts, you can quickly connect with our professionals at via live chat. They will assist you with useful tips to figure out the issue instantly.