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All You Need to Know About QuickBooks Payroll Update Not Working

QuickBooks payroll update not working is an annoying error in the program, which prevents the users from downloading the latest payroll updates. An inactive payroll subscription is one of the most common reasons behind the arrival of this error.

Updating QuickBooks payroll is one of the most crucial tasks, which ensures that you are working with the latest tax rates and that payroll processes are running in compliance with the standard regulations.

However, there are several possible reasons that can evoke the QuickBooks payroll update not working problem. Worry not! We have compiled the possible reasons behind a payroll update error in QuickBooks, along with their effective troubleshooting solutions. Let’s start!

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QuickBooks Payroll Update Error – An Overview

Intuit releases updates for QuickBooks Desktop and the payroll service as well on a regular basis. These updates resolve the existing issues in the program and introduce improved features to the program. Similarly, QuickBooks payroll updates let users access the latest payroll tax table and ensure that they work with the latest tax rates.

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Thus, it helps users to remain compliant with pay-check calculations and handle employees’ payroll accurately. However, due to multifaceted factors, you may experience QuickBooks payroll update not working issues, such as inactive QuickBooks payroll, using an incorrect service key, and several others.

In such a case, the best you can do is list those potential reasons and apply the procedures we will discuss in the next sections of this post.

How To Get Payroll Updates In QuickBooks Desktop?

The payroll tax tables provide the most accurate and up-to-date rates and calculations for federal and supported state taxes. It also helps users with payroll tax forms, e-file, and e-pay options. When updating your payroll tax table, you need to make sure that you have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription.

Thereafter, you can update the payroll service manually by following the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Current Tax Table Version

First things first, you need to determine your current tax table version:

  • When in QuickBooks Desktop, go to the Employees section and then select Get Payroll Updates.
  • Next, check your tax table version, located next to the – “You are using tax table version:” text.
  • You can re-examine if it is the right version or not by visiting the latest tax table update page.
  • For more information on your tax table version, you can select Payroll Update Info.

Step 2: Download The Latest Version of Payroll Tax Table

Once you know which tax table version you are currently using, you can download the latest one by following the below-given steps:

  • Click on the Download Entire Update option.
  • Thereafter, hit the Update button, and you need to wait until a confirmation window shows up on your screen, depicting that the download is complete.

These steps can help you update payroll in QuickBooks Desktop until the process is obstructed due to an erroneous factor.

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How To Update Payroll In QuickBooks Online?

If you are using QuickBooks Online, you don’t need to update payroll tax tables manually. The tax tables in QuickBooks Online are updated automatically. All you need to ensure is that you have an active subscription to QuickBooks Online. Most of the processes are automated in QuickBooks Online Payroll service, so you can run your processes with the utmost peace of mind.

Now that you know how to update payroll in QuickBooks – Desktop and Online, let’s discuss some of the most common payroll update error codes.

Common Payroll Update Error Code Series in QuickBooks

When updating the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service, you may experience various issues.

Based on their characteristics, these payroll update errors are categorized into various error code series as explained in the below-given list:

QuickBooks Error Code Series PSXXX

You may experience an error from the QuickBooks Payroll update error code series PSXXX when downloading payroll updates on your system.

Some of the main reasons behind this error are incorrect Internet connection settings, Windows Firewall blocking payroll updates in QuickBooks, and/or a damaged file in the CPS folder. Some of the main error codes from this series are PS077, PS032, PS101, PS036, PS107, and several others.

QuickBooks Error Code PS038

PS error code PS038 is one of the most common errors you may experience when downloading the payroll update in QuickBooks Desktop. The error code shows up coupled with an error message, which reads-

You’ve retrieved the latest payroll update and validated your Payroll subscription“.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038

The error message can appear due to various reasons, such as a damaged QuickBooks company file, poor internet connection, and more.

Error Code Series 15XXX When Updating QuickBooks

QuickBooks error code series 15XXX or 15000 includes a multitude of error codes taking place when downloading QuickBooks Desktop payroll updates. A damaged QuickBooks company file, outdated QuickBooks Desktop, and incorrect Internet Explorer settings are a few of the main reasons behind the arrival of this error.

Below are some of the main error codes from this series are:

  • QuickBooks error 15314.
  • Payroll error code 15404 in QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks payroll update error 15102.
  • Error 15103 When downloading payroll updates
  • QuickBooks Payroll update error code 15224.
  • Payroll error 15317 when downloading the latest updates.
  • Payroll update error 15250 in QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks update Error 15408.
  • QuickBooks Desktop payroll error 15316.
  • QuickBooks Payroll error code 15225.

UEXP Error in QuickBooks

UPEX error in QuickBooks occurs when a user tries to download a payroll update in QuickBooks Desktop. Besides, it can also crop up when activating the retail payroll subscription. A warning error message appears on your screen – We are having difficulties verifying your account status.

Error=UEXP, when the error takes place. Outdated e-file and e-pay linked to the QuickBooks company file are one of the main reasons why you are receiving this error.

What Causes QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Update Issues To Crop Up?

There are multiple factors that can evoke an error when you try to update your QuickBooks Desktop payroll. If you are not able to think of those reasons, we have listed for you the below-given pointers:

  • A damaged QuickBooks company file is one of the most evident reasons behind this error.
  • Users running a very old version of the QuickBooks application can’t fetch the details of the latest release.
  • A corrupted or partially installed QuickBooks application is a significant reason behind the error.
  • A pay-check with invalid or incorrect information entered into it can cause the QuickBooks payroll update not working error.
  • Make sure that your service key is not invalid; otherwise, you may expect an error in the payroll update.
  • When you are not running the application as an admin, you may not be able to perform crucial changes to the program, such as updating it.
  • An inactive QuickBooks payroll subscription is one of the most apparent reasons that can result in the arrival of the QuickBooks payroll update error.
  • Last but not least, an invalid employer identification can also cause this error when you download QuickBooks payroll update.

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll Won’t Update Issue?

It is crucial to resolve the QuickBooks payroll update not working issue to get the latest payroll tax tables. However, if you are not sure how to get this error fixed, the next sections are going to explain the best solutions for you:

First Method: Try Updating The Program Manually

There are various internal issues in the program that can prevent QuickBooks from downloading and installing the latest updates in the QuickBooks application.

In such a case, you can update QuickBooks manually by following the below-given steps:

  • Quit all the QuickBooks processes and the company file as well.
  • Next, hit the Windows icon and then make the Start menu visible.
  • Now, in the search area, type QuickBooks Desktop to open it.
  • When the QuickBooks Desktop icon appears, right-click on it and select the Run as Administrator option from the drop-down list.
  • When on the No Company Open window, click the Help button and select QuickBooks Desktop using the drop-down list.
  • Thereafter, you need to click the Options button and choose Mark All option, followed by clicking the Save button.
  • Moving ahead, click the Update Now button and select the box against Reset Update.
  • In the end, click the Get Updates button and restart your computer once you are done.

Second Method: Perform a Clean Installation of QuickBooks Desktop Software

A partially installed or damaged QuickBooks Desktop application is one of the most evident reasons behind the QuickBooks Payroll won’t update issue. A partially installed QuickBooks with the missing components prevent the program from downloading the latest updates. Clean installation of the program can help you troubleshoot this error.

Below is how you can perform a clean install of the QuickBooks application:

  • Before you proceed any further with the clean install procedure, create a backup of your company file to prevent any kind of data loss.
  • Next, close QuickBooks and click on the Windows icon.
  • Once done, type Control Panel in the specified search area and then select the Control Panel option.
  • When the next Window appears, click Programs and Features and then click Uninstall a Program.
  • You will now see the list of the installed program on your screen. Select QuickBooks Desktop to be uninstalled.
  • Next, click Uninstall/Change button and choose the option to remove QuickBooks.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions here, and give it some time until the process is completed.
  • Once done, reinstall QuickBooks using the installation file and restore your data to it backed up before starting this procedure.
  • Now, you can try to install the latest payroll tax table.

Third Method: Restore Your Internet Explorer Settings

Internet Explorer is supported by QuickBooks to run its several processes. However, an improperly configured IE browser can bring forth a QuickBooks Payroll update not working issue.

Therefore, you can try downloading the latest updates after restoring your Internet Explorer settings.

  • Leave QuickBooks and move to Internet Explorer to open it.
  • After opening the browser, click the Tool icon from your screen’s top-right corner.
  • When the drop-down list expands, click on Internet Options.
  • Now, move to the Advanced section and click the Reset or Restore Defaults button.
  • Thereafter, you need to hit the Apply button and click OK to confirm the action.
  • Back to QuickBooks Desktop, open the program.
  • Now, click the Employees tab and choose Get Payroll Updates to move ahead.
  • Mark the box against Download Entire Update.
  • Once done, select the Download Latest Update option, and the process will take some time.
  • You need to wait until a confirmation message “Download Complete” appears on your screen.
  • The process is now completed, and you can restart your QuickBooks application.

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Fourth Method: Run Verify and Rebuild Data Utility To Fix Payroll Update Issue

A damaged QuickBooks data file can also be a possible factor behind the QuickBooks Payroll won’t update error. Therefore, running the Verify and Rebuild Data utilities in the program not only helps you determine if the data integrity is compromised or not but also repairs the damaged company data.

  • Select the File option within the QuickBooks by clicking on it.
  • Next, move down to the Utilities option and select Verify Data utility.
  • Click OK, and it will terminate the active windows.
  • Now, wait patiently until the Verify Data check if a data damage issue exists in your company file.
  • If not, you are good to go with the update process. Contrarily, if it detects a data damage issue, you need to run the Rebuild Data utility.
  • Again, in the File menu, select Utilities and then choose the Rebuild Data option.
File menu > Utilities > Rebuild Data option
  • It will repair the damaged data in QuickBooks.
  • Once done, you need to run the Verify Data utility once again to verify that no data damage remains persistent after this solution.

Now, you can try downloading the latest QuickBooks Payroll updates.

In A Nutshell!

In this post, we have compiled some of the most effective solutions that can help you eradicate the annoying QuickBooks payroll update not working issue. After performing these solutions, you can download the latest updates in the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service. If you feel the need for additional help, with our QuickBooks Payroll Support. They will help you get rid of the QuickBooks Payroll won’t update issue immediately.